mysore silk sarees

    Zari Border Mysore Silk Saree

    A Zari border Mysore Silk saree combines the elegance of Mysore silk with the intricate beauty of Zari work. Here are some key features of such sarees:
    Base Material: The saree is crafted from Pure Mysore Silk, known for its soft texture and natural sheen. The use of high-quality silk adds to the luxurious feel of the saree.
    Zari Border: The border of the saree is adorned with Zari, which is typically a metallic thread, often gold or silver in color. Zari work adds a touch of grandeur and traditional richness to the saree.
    Occasion: These sarees are often chosen for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and traditional ceremonies due to their opulent look and feel.
    Maintenance: Like any silk saree, proper care is essential. Dry cleaning or gentle hand wash in cold water is usually recommended to preserve the silk and Zari work.