Stripes & Buttas Mysore Silk Sarees - Atharva

    Stripes and Buttas Mysore Silk Saree

    A Mysore Silk saree with stripes and buttas combines classic weaving techniques with contemporary design elements.

    Base Material: These sarees are crafted from Pure Mysore Silk, offering a smooth texture and natural sheen that adds to the overall elegance of the saree.

    Stripes: Stripes in the saree design can vary in width and placement. They add a modern touch to the traditional Mysore Silk, creating a unique visual appeal.

    Buttas: Buttis or buttas are small, ornamental motifs woven into the fabric. In the context of Mysore Silk sarees, buttas often have traditional or floral designs, contributing to the overall aesthetic.

    Occasions: Depending on the color and design, these sarees can be suitable for a range of occasions, from casual gatherings to formal events.