Mysore Silk

    Kalamkari Mysore Silk

    Kalamkari Mysore Silk sarees blend the traditional art of Kalamkari with the luxurious texture of Mysore Silk. Here are some aspects to note:

    Base Material: These sarees feature the use of Pure Mysore Silk, known for its fine texture and natural sheen. The silk provides a smooth and comfortable feel.

    Kalamkari Art: Kalamkari is an ancient Indian art form involving hand-painted or block-printed designs on fabric. In the context of Mysore Silk sarees, Kalamkari elements are often incorporated into the pallu, borders, or overall design of the saree.

    Occasions: These sarees are suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasions. The blend of traditional artistry and silk elegance makes them versatile for various events.

    Maintenance: Follow the care instructions provided with the saree, as Kalamkari Mysore Silk sarees may require special care to preserve the hand-painted or block-printed elements.